Fulton County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society

Founded in 1978, the Fulton County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society’s (FCCOGS) first meeting involved about 20 people. Meetings were held alternately between the Swanton Public Library and the Senior Citizen Center and YMCA in Wauseon, Ohio. Annual dues were $5. In 1980, the chapter received its charter from the Ohio Genealogical Society. 

First housed at the Swanton Public Library in Swanton, Ohio, then moved to the Fulton County Historical Society for several years, the chapter’s collection of over 1,300 books and over 200 rolls of microfilm is now located at the Evergreen Community Library, 253 Maple Street, Metamora, Ohio. The filmed records include newspapers for towns in the county through 1910; birth and death records beginning in 1867; marriage records from 1864 (although the county was formed in 1850, a fire in July 1864 destroyed many early records). The library holdings include family histories, county histories, obituaries, tombstone inscription books, as well as a wide variety of other Ohio county records.  Research help at the library is available with advance notice by volunteer members.

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For additional research assistance, please contact one of the following FCCOGS members:

Carolyn Stilwill  - cstilwill@bright.net

Karen Szabo  -  Kariscot@centurylink.net

Mary Teeter  -  waltmary@mac.com